Let me please start by saying we have helped more than 400 people at a quarter of the speed as them finding employment on their own.

We are pretty impressed with that, but with that in mind, what is LinkedBIO?

LinkedBIO is a front to back solution that will ensure that your resume and your job application are being seen and are not falling through the cracks.


Are you sick of spending hours applying for a job application to not make the short list? The chances are that you were destined to not make the shortlist from the beginning. To understand why, you have to understand how job application filtering software works.

Thankfully, you don't need to. We know how it works, and have created a solution to ensure that your resume is using the perfect structure, keywords, sentence structure, hit words and many other variables to ensure that you will provide the perfect application. 

The best part, it doesn't take hours, it takes minutes to get this sorted with one of our many industry professionals.

We all have been in your situation, and we want to help you get out of it. 

Getting a job is a competition, you are up against all of the other candidates. Doesn't it make sense that you give yourself the best possible chance?


How It Works

Are you sick of not getting the job?

There is nothing more heartbreaking or frustrating then spending hours and hours building the perfect Resume, lodging the job application only to wait weeks and weeks and no response. The reality is that there is a really good chance that your Resume didn't make it to the starting line. The heavy majority of major companies around the world today are either using Job Application Filtering software or Recruiters in order to save on time and money. 

LinkedBIO was built in order to perfect your LinkedIn profile and provide you with the perfect information for your Resume in order to get your Resume through the Filtering Software, and get your Profile in front of multiple Recruiters. 

ANALYZING millions of pieces of application data, and tested vigorously against filtering software, LinkedBIO was built to provide you with the perfect information and words to use ensure that you are saying what YOUR future Employer wants to hear. 

There is 2 parts to the LinkedBIO service. 


Firstly - you will deal personally with one of our industry professionals who will run your resume and job application through our software. From here they will make suggestions and changes that will ensure that your resume is running through the job filtering software packages that are currently in corporate rotation. We will work with you personally to ensure that you are getting the perfect results. 

Seconldy - We will set you up with the LinkedBIO platform. The LinkedBIO software is a fully automated system that will link your LinkedIn profile with our LinkedBIO system. Once matched, LinkedBIO will match your jobs and experience against our AI built system, and provide you with the perfect structure, sentences and skills to ensure that you are giving yourself the best opportunity. LinkedBIO will then publish your data back to LinkedIn for everyone who you want to see it, to see it. 

You have to give yourself the best opportunity to get that job! 


Why Choose LinkedBIO



We we want you to get the job. We know how frustrating it is not being shortlisted. We don't want that to happen to you! By following a few steps, LinkedBIO will get you setup and ready to go. It is a fully, start to finish program to ensure that you are beating the Application system. 

LinkedBIO Work Experience 2.jpg
LinkedBIO Work Experience.jpg


Why would you want to risk not getting through the Filters. In this current environment, there are more people than ever lodging job applications. LinkedBIO was built to ensure that you make it through. Do you know the saying, you say Tomato, I say tomato, you read them both differently, but they are meaning the same thing. LinkedBIO is designed to match your Tomato with your future employer's Tomato. 


The most important part about applying for a job is the words that you are using. A simple phrase like "manage the financial books" is the difference between your profile or application being seen, or discarded. LinkedBIO was built to make sure you are seen. We provide you with the perfect wording. We don't want to change who you are, we want the employer to see who you are. 

Job Title.jpg

The Only Product Available

LinkedBIO is the only product in the world that is able to offer these services to you. 

We got tired of seeing the frustration in job applicants eyes, so we decided we needed to do something about this.

Money Back Guarantee

This is the most important part! WE are so confident in our product and you getting the results that you are looking for, that if you are in no way happy, we are offering a full 14 day refund. There are no catches to this. No questions asked (actually, we may ask how we can improve). 

We are that confident in our product. 

If you are looking for a job, and are not seriously considering our product, are you really that interested in finding a job. 

Completely RISK FREE

LinkedBIO - Master Version


Purchase the Monthly Subscription of LinkedBIO to ensure you are maximising your employability.


*No Minimum Subscription

LinkedBIO - Platinum Version


Purchase LinkedBIO Platinum to have lifetime access. This will ensure that no matter what your employment situation is, there will always be a professional service at the waiting. Best Value for Money

LinkedBIO - White Label Edition

Are you thinking about starting your own career advisory and resume building business? This is the tool for you. 

We will work with you to design and implement your own personalised version of LinkedBIO with your own branding. Similar professional services can cost upwards of $700USD per client. 1 SINGLE CLIENT and you are ahead. The data that we will be offering you and providing for you to use is the best available and will give you a huge advantage over the competition. This really is INCREDIBLE value. We will will work with you and prepare everything so that you are able to roll the program out within days, it is as easy as that. How can you possibly lose? 


How many people have you helped?

At the end of January 2021, we have helped more than 400 people obtain employment at 23.7% of the average application timeframe.

What if I don't like the product?

We don't believe that you won't like the product, it is just that sensational. But if you do dislike the product, LinkedBIO offers a full, no questions asked 14 day refund. 

What are the full services that you offer?

Full LinkedIn automation and integration

Full Job Filter Proof descriptions and summaries

Resume and LinkedIn friendly Skills and Headlines

Network growth automation

Follow and Push service allows you to be constantly in the face of Recruiters

So, who are you?

We are Industry Experts, Recruiters, Machine Learning legends, Career Councillors, Guidance Councillors, and many other high ranking staff members. Consider us the middle men. We put you in front of the people who get to make the decisions.

What Can We Help You With?

If you are interested in the product, but are just not at the stage that you are ready to buy, please register your interest below, so that we are able to discuss this with you further. 


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